Welcome to Sharp Designs

Since 1983 we have quietly been supplying art and custom picture framing to Baltimore and the surrounding area. We have a quaint, unique and affordable art gallery. Our custom picture framing department is 'top-notch'. Located just one mile south of I-695, in downtown Pikesville, access is simple and parking is plentiful. We hope you enjoy surfing our website and, if you have a few minutes, watch the video we created!

Our Services

A list of prominent features
Photo Arrangers

Easy to change out your photos and create new arrangements! Multiple mat opening photo arrangers are perfect for displaying kid's school photos, pictures from a trip, or multiple wedding photos.

Readymade Frames

Create a stunning wall grouping of memories with readymade  frames. Stocked in standard sizes with glass and backing, readymade wall frames are perfect for cost and time effective picture framing.

Shadowbox Framing

Custom Shadowbox frames are different from standard picture frames in that they are deep enough to house not only flat items like a photograph or print, but three-dimensional objects as well.

3D Object Framing

Custom framed shadowboxes are a great way to highlight and conserve collectibles, mementos, and memorabilia.  From grandma’s antique silverware collection to a trophy.

Clip Frames

Clip and corner frames are named as such because they clamp or clip your artwork to a mat or protective sheeting. Often, clip frames are small and unobtrusive and don't extend all the way around the edge of the artwork.

Aluminum and Metal Frames

Aluminum and metal frames are the most durable of all. They often look and work well in environments that other picture frames might be unsuitable for, such as outdoors or in unusually cold or warm places.

Acrylic Frames

Acrylic frames are excellent because they are extremely versatile but also very durable. Although they can be very affordable, acrylic frames are complicated to produce.

Wood Frames

Wood frames are the most common kind of picture frame. Wood is a popular framing material because it is relatively cheap, versatile, and easy to work with.